Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Thunder Chickens Showdown: As Told Through Rod's Song Titles.

All right now, have I told you lately? I just got some, I feel good.

Last summerI don't want to talk about it. Three time losers. A hard road, but it's all over now, no more time in the balltrap.

But it got dark. One night, on the beach, stone cold sober, eating rice pudding. My faultMy girl, you were born loose, almost illegal. And I got lost in you. Devotion, but not for me. I need to know, hot legs, do you think I'm sexy still? Or am I just another honky?

So tired. Oh god, I wish I was home tonight, need your love touch.

I was only joking!!! You're so rude! You're insane! You're my girl (I don't want to discuss it)! You put something better inside of me, you can make me dance, sing or anything.

Why does it go on???

Because, we never give up on a dream. Because Team Rod, you keep me hangin' on. After all, that's what friends are for.

Last night, seems like a long time ago, we took the downtown train, cut across shorty in this dirty old town, to the cigarettes and alcohol  of Floyd and started drinking againI was red hot in black and Spanish boots, nevertheless, there was no holding back.

We all know the first cut is the deepest and on this one night, love in the right hands, lady luck on our side, we came to tear it up. Alright for an hour, some guys have all the luck.

Every picture tells a story. Can I get a witness?

Thunder Chickens, (I know) I'm losing youcan we still be friends? 

As for my funny valentine, Maggie May, we'll be together again. Tonight's the night (gonna be alright). All for love, all for love.


P.S. Welcome to the team, Jennifer and Luke!