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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If You Want My Bocce Vs. ?

Blah! I'm too annoyed to even begin to try to decipher the name of the team that we lost to.

The court continues to be a disaster but we have to put that behind us. We are all playing on the same court. We started off well and then fell apart. They made some clutch shots when it mattered, they got some really lucky rolls, and we just couldn't get it done.

Game 1
Beth and me
Mitch and Jim
7-2 Rod

Game 2
Roberto and SHR
Mitch and Erik
7-3 Them

Game 3
Beth and me
Jim and Erik
7-3 Them

No matter, there's always next week.

The most interesting thing on the night occurred during the Terrors' game. Some random dude stepped onto the court and rolled a ball in the middle of a frame. I've never seen that happen before.

The movie:

Season Record: 1-1

For those out there in Rod Land who feel sad about this loss, maybe this will cheer you up. Thank you Balltrap for finding this gem for us.