Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rod is Rock & Roll's Worst Nightmare

You might think that I'm referring to outfits like this, right?But I really am referring to last night's opening night action that pitted If You Want My Bocce vs. Rock & Roll Nightmare.

Match 1 of the Year of Rod

Almost a full showing. We were eight strong for Match 1. We were quite pleased to see Mitch (Downtrain Train) roll back into Rod Station for '07. Skippy who once pretended he wanted to be a Rod even showed up to cheer us on.

The only missing Rod was Handbags & Glad Rags Dave who was otherwise preoccupied with his two-day-old son. That is right, Dave and Jen are the proud parents of a future bocce All-Star. I don't even know the kid's name yet so until I hear otherwise, his name will be Baby Rod.

Dave and Jen join former Rodsters Oh God I Wish I Was Home Tonight Beth and Lethal Dose of Love Alex in parenthood. If you need further proof that '07 is the Year of Rod, there have been two babies born to Rodsters just in the past three weeks. Top that, the virgins of Boccelism!
Anyway, the first game went well. Young Turk SHR kicked much butt with some precision rolling and we won 7-0. During the middle of the first game, we all were wondering if the mystery man of If You Want My Bocce was going to show up. And he did. Ready to rumble. All hail Gettin' Hungry Slice.
The second game featured some fine ballhandling skills by the aforementioned Gettin' Hungry and the triumphant bocce return of Downtrain Train. To cap off his return to If You Want My Bocce, Downtrain Train nailed the winning roll. Final score: 7-0

RVP: Young Turk for setting the tone of domination for the night. Young hearts be free tonight indeed!

Monday Night: You have officially been put on notice that 2007 is the Year of Rod.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

In the Past Hour, Two Different Coffee Flats Terrors Sent Me This Link

Rod Forever!Rod is the undisputed king of all leisure sports. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it.

The first game of The Year of Rod is less than 22 short hours away.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Spring 2007 Schedule

The Rods have moved to Monday night! So, if you're tired of playing with the pups and want to run with the wolves, come hang with us at Floyd at the following times:

January 29th at 19:30 (vs. Rock and Roll Nightmare)

February 5th at 21:30 (vs. Notorious BRF)

February 12th at never (vs. no one) because we have a bye

February 19th at never (vs. no one) because everybody has a bye

February 26th at 19:30 (vs. Watch Your Balls!!)

March 5th at 21:30 (vs. the Po-town Po-llinos)

March 12th at 21:30 (vs. America's favorite virgins - BOCCELISM)

March 19th at 21:30 (vs. clandestine tofurky eaters - the Sweet Meats)

March 26th at 19:30 (vs. New Kids on the Bocc)

April 2nd at never (vs. no one) because we have a bye

April 9th at never (vs. no one) because everybody has a bye

April 16th at never (vs. no one) because we have a bye

April 28th and 29th - PLAYOFFS

May 5th and 6th - FINALS

May 7th, all day and all night, some well deserved R and R for Rod: