Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dirty Weekend

Athlete Name: Rebecca Orchant

Nickname: Dirty Weekend

Age: 24

Birthplace: Albuquerque, NM. Really.

Began playing bocce when: The good old days.

Training regiment: Always with beer.

What got you into the sport: My love of old Italian men and all that they love.

Where do you find the inspiration: Peer pressure.

Turn-ons/Turn-offs: The skin on chocolate pudding/Open-mouthed chewing.

What do you look for in a set of balls: Groom...edness.

What is your overall bocce philosophy: If you can play it one-handed, I'm in!

Greatest Bocce Moment: Crushing Sean Stewart in the match of a lifetime, sending him on a downward spiral into Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Purely for my own viewing pleasure.

Famous Quote: Oh, BALLS.


David said...


Listmaker said...


regiment is what was copied from the original floyd thing.

2 plus years ago, you gladly filled out your own form w/o one grammatical change.

what gives?

Rebecca Orchant said...

Dave, I noticed it too, but didn't want to seem like a grammar Nazi.

Thanks for filling in for me.

; )

- RO