Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Photo-composite of the playoffs / Happy Holidays from Rod

Well, ok, we never did get to sit on Homer Fink's face.

Monday, December 18, 2006

It All Started So Well

What happened? After taking a decisive Game 1 victory by the score of 7-0, everyone's favorite scruffy bocce squad, If You Want My Bocce, went down hard in this past weekend's playoffs. 7-0 and 7-1.

I've spent the better part of the past 48 hours dissecting where I went wrong as captain. And I've figured it out. I'll come out stronger and more ready to lead next season. I'm proud of my squad. Even when we were down 6-0 in Game 3, I thought we might be able to pull it out. Then it was 6-1 and The Sweet Meats were going to be dead meat. But it wasn't meant to be.

Instead, The Sweet Meats showed the heart of champions and the eye of the tiger and they destroyed us. How do you lose the first game 7-0 and then come back and decimate? It was a thing of beauty.

Team Rod decided to go drown its misery in Grimaldi's pizza. By the time we arrived back to Floyd, the final that no one wanted was underway. Boccelism vs. ODB. Snooze.

Once again, Boccelism won. Again. 3 in a row. The Yankees this team is. A juggernaut. The cream of the crop.

Too bad for them that they are not universally loved and had to import non-bocce folks to root for them. They were sick of the booing that they had to endure during the last championship victory over Team Rod. Oh well, I'm sure they would choose to be feared rather than loved.

2006 was the year of the Boccelism. 2007 will be all Rod.

The would have been RVP if we had won - Young Turk.

Final Record: 8-2
Good but not good enough.

Also over the past week, we found out that many of the bocce squads out there read this blog. Join the fun. Leave comments. Don't lurk in the shadows anymore waiting to see what kind of barbs we might throw your way.

And for the record, Gettin' Hungry would like to let the Sweet Meats know that steak is not a sweet meat and that you should plan your merchandise accordingly.

The spring season is just around the corner. And it will be an exciting one. Downtrain Train will once again be pulling into Rod Station which is a great thing. We missed him. We also have other Rod inspired tricks up our collective sleeves, but you all will just have to wait and see. Now that we know that our blog is so well read, some secrets must be kept.

All Hail Rod

Thursday, December 14, 2006

All Rod, All the Time

As the playoffs loom, Team Rod feels relaxed and ready to take on the best that Brooklyn bocce has to offer. We are primed for victory.

If we win, should we take the limo here?

If that proves too pricey, it is a definite that we all get together sometime soon and watch this. I'd like to thank the once and future Rod, "Downtrain Train," for forwarding that tasty bit of information.

Also, I'd like to share this nice comment on the Beeyotcees blog about us. Liz says:

If You Want My Bocce could be my favorite team to play. I mean, they're competitive but friendly, they wear bright green shirts, they're mild-mannered but silly, they display Rod Stewart memorabilia, and I'm pretty sure I heard them quietly playing some Rod tunes on an mp3 player or a cell phone or something. They're so cheesy and adorable that I can't help but like them, even though I want to hate them for winning.
Yes, that was "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" on Reason to Believe's cellphone. This is the second time that Team Rod has been called cheesy. Maybe in both cases, the word that was meant to be used was classy. Because, of course, Rod is all class.

Finally, I received a message in my inbox the other day from the team captain of our first opponent this Saturday, the Sweet Meats. No words, but only this.

At first, I wasn't sure what the message that Cap'n Sweet Meat was trying to convey. But the more I thought about it, the more obvious it became to me.

It is actually quite simple. Rod is a man. Spelled M-A-N. Rod is a carnivore.

The Sweet Meats will be devoured on 12-16-06 by Rod. Thanks for the image, Cap'n Sweet Meat. You have now very much whetted Rod's appetite.

Saturday looms.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Rods Bless Us. So Say We All.

The dream match of IYWMB vs. Homer Fink never materialized as a determined Mamalukes team took them out in three games. We started our match against the 'Lukes like a bunch of malfunctioning cylons. Perhaps we were having download problems. Or maybe we were experiencing true emotions and you know what happens when cylons think they are human. They go crazy!!! After a blink, we were already down 0-6, with the Rods giving up 3 points each in the first two sides. Our Team Rod Team Philosophy was passed out in a back alley somewhere.

The Balltrap and Love Touch started the comeback run by putting up a hard-fought point on our side of the chalkboard. Reason to Believe and yours truly, the Young Turk, furthered the rally with a perfect 4 point side, which was set up by a well-placed first roll by RTB. So it was 5-6, we felt we got our crazy rolls out of the way and we could feel victory. Then it all went bananas. These stupid carrollers showed up! Whose brilliant idea was that? Was it a prank? We're in the middle of a bocce tournament for crissakes, Whiffenpoofs! Take your fucking a cappella nonsense somewhere else! I heard they were asking for tips, which I hope was going to a charity, rather than a fund to buy more sheet music.

We had the last ball with the game on the line. All the other reds and greens were clustered together, with the Mamalukes' red ball a hair closer to the pallino. Love Touch wanted to know what the situation was before rolling. If any one of our green balls were closer, it would have effected the game plan. A member of the Mamalukes' cheering section didn't understand this and felt the need to harass LT about it. WTF? Are you even on a team, Missy Bocce Strategy Questioner? And if you were, wouldn't you want to know this yourself? Alas, it was a tough shot and we missed it and the game went with the Lukies.

Game Two was anchored by the solid, steady play of RTB, the eventual RVP, as well as the clutch duo of Senor Gladrags and Captain Hot Legs. It was another tense game, with the Rods pulling out a 7-4 victory. We weren't about to let the Mamalukes score the biggest upset of the tournament.

We pulled out a game three win to take the match despite some shaky rolling. Our opponents were placing their balls perfectly, working the craggy terrain to their benefit. I, on the other hand, had balls making crazy 90 degree left turns. It was back and forth, which both teams gifting points. With the game tied at 5-all, RTB and Gladrags closed it out with a two point side, thank the Rods.

On to the next round, where IYWMB play the fourth seed, The Sweet Meats (nice merch, by the way). It should be a tight match.

RVP: Reason To Believe for giving us a Reason to LIVE!
Special Honorary RVP: "Sweet Touch" Courson for being a good friend and cheerleader.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Homer Fink Better Watch Out!

Nevermind the Terrors of Coffee Flats. Nevermind the championship squad of Boccelism. Nevermind the bragging of Cobra Kai.

Rod has a bigger bone to pick.

After publicizing our little blog and setting The Balltrap off into full angst mode, it looks like we just might be playing Homer Fink and his crew in the second round of the playoffs. Provided, of course, that they can win.

Rod has promised to sit on the face of each and every member of Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce if the matchup happens.

We have a bye in the first round and are the number five seed. The number one seed - The Old Dirty Barristers have byes in the first two rounds. If Rod had been undefeated, he'd be very curious as to how they were chosen as the number one seed when there were other undefeated teams. Interesting.

We can't play CFT until the Final Four or Boccelism / Cobra Kai unless it is for the championship. Rod's only regret is that he can't beat both Boccelism and Cobra Kai on the way to full Rod glory!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rod Has No Use For Excessive Force

He always gets his way with a little bit of sweet talk and a whole lot of oh yeah.

Down 6-2 in the first game to Excessive Force, Team Rod wasn't fazed. Hot Legs whispered to Love Touch, "Reason to Believe and Sweet Little Rock and Roller are going to score two points here and then we'll close it out with three more." And that is exactly what happened.

Final score:

Game 2 was no problem for Rod.
7-0 Team Rod

RVP: Love Touch who absolutely dominated after she went back to her banking ways.

Final Regular Season Record

Hopefully, we'll have a bye in the first round. If not, some 31st ranked team is going to be in big trouble. Big trouble.