Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Apparently We Lost Yet Once Again

This time I was there to witness the atrocity against Legends of the Ball.

The game started late because the two members of Legends of the Ball showed up a bit late. They then recruited two members from that team with the many letters in their name who gave us our first defeat of the season.

Again, we were shorthanded. This time, it was SHR, Sweet Touch, Beth, and me.

We got trounced in Game 1 by a score of 7-0. Then we won Game 2 by the same score.

We went down 6-0 in Game 3. Sweet Touch made a miraculous shot to stave off defeat and give us our first point. We slowly made a comeback and got to within 6-4 before Beth and I gave up the final point.

The Movie: Mercifully Quite Short

Season Record: 1-3 And we still have Boccelism and The Sweet Meats ahead of us. Ugly.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Apparently We Lost

Sweet Touch, Turkey Terror, and I were too busy playing prison bocce to notice though.

We fell in three games to Da Bears. We were a skeleton crew of Jim, SHR, Dave, and Beth.

While in Marfa, Texas a few days later, SHR stumbled onto this store that only sold a few CD's. But it was an excellent collection.

Season Record: 1-2