Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bocce Brunch Goes Down Hard

Team Rod got its revenge for its ignominious defeat to Bocce Brunch in last season's Final Four. We took them out in the first round of the summer playoffs.

Last time we played them, I was villain number one for taking movies of them because one guy thought I was going to take flash photography as he was rolling.

As the match came to a close my nemesis mockingly asked if I wanted him to take my picture for me which elicited hearty guffaws from his teammates. I decided to not say anything and let my roll do the talking. Unfortunately, I just missed putting them out of their misery. No matter, we won the next frame.

I may not be the coolest guy in the world as Bocce Brunch pointed out but should a team that calls itself Bocce Brunch really be casting any stones or pallinos for that matter?

Game 1
Jim and me
SHR and Mitch
7-4 Rod

Game 2
Jim and me
Erik and Mitch
7-2 Rod

We've now won two matches in a row and hope to continue our late season momentum into this Sunday's Elite 8.

The Movie

Season Record: 3-4

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

holy shit, we finally beat the sweet meats!

Well, I think the title says it all. As of 7:30PM yesterday, we had played six matches against the Sweet Meats (or their summer incarnation, Jimbo's Sweet Meat All-Stars) and had lost every single time. Our losses were often heart wrenching and jaw-droppingly spectacular. We've come back from 0-6 deficits only to lose 6-7. We've blown 6-0 leads in every sort of way imaginable. The Sweet Meats were our daddys and to be honest, if we had to pick anyone to be our daddys, it would be them because they have good sportsmanship and good merch and are fun to play against.

As has been the case for many of our matches this underachieving season, we were not at full strength. Hot Legs was in Maryland (hence the lo-fi post), Handbags and Gladrags was eating french fries on the beach and Rodberto was...I have no idea where he was. Downtown Train was a maybe so when he showed up, I think our our spirits were lifted.

After game one, the score looked like this!
The Balltrap and Downtown Train started on the Ms. Pac-Man side, while Sweet Touch and I took the other. ST and I had some key momentum shifts with our 3rd and 4th rolls, and our side wound up scoring all 7 points. The SMs were unable to capitalize in situations where we were done rolling and they had multiple balls left. However, it was foolish to get overly excited because we had beaten the SMs in game ones before only to shrivel up and die in the next two games.

For game two, Love Touch swapped in for Sweet Touch but everything else stayed the same. Jim and Mitch immediately turned things around with a two spot to start off the game. I can't really remember much of that happened next, but I think the ladies of Rod scored a point and then J & M scored some more. At some point, LoR gave up a point to the Meats. Heading into what would be the final frame, the score was 6 points Rod, 1 point Meats. The Meats controlled the pally and got close with their first roll. But then Jim had the roll heard around Floyd. With our first roll, he pinned both balls against the pallino, but the Meats' red ball had an extra rotation in it and rolled away to create this scenario:

The Meats were unable to get closer or knock our ball away with any of their remaining three shots. So that meant:
A little before 8:30, we were finally winners! We ended our 2-4 regular season on a high note even Mimi would be proud of. We did it guys!

Sweet Touch texts Hot Legs with the good news.

Game 1
Jim and Mitch
Sujan and Erik
7-5 Rod

Game 2
Jim and Mitch
Sujan and Beth
7-1 Rod

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rod Suffers Defeat Again

Yikes, we suck. After losing three in a row, we had to face Boccelism a couple of weeks ago. That's no fun, y'all. No fun. They beat us but we did have a few minutes of fun.

Game 1
Jim and Beth
Erik and me
7-0 Boccelism

Game 2
Jim and SHR
Roberto and me
7-0 Rod

Game 3
SHR and Beth
Roberto and Erik
7-3 Boccelism even though we started with a nice 2-0 lead.

We have the Sweet Meats on the docket next and we hope to get one in the win column before going on our championship run in the playoffs. We still have never beaten those Sweet Meats though. I hope that my absence will be a good luck charm.

Earlier in the season, Turkey Terror sent me a link to this amazing picture.

Last week, Jim stumbled upon a Facebook page for a DC based squad named Boccelism. And just like their Brooklyn namesakes, they are too cool for team T-shirts.
Team DC Boccelism had a match on the DC mall earlier this afternoon. Having already done that and knowing how much fun it is, I was tempted to crash their game. Oh well, maybe next time.

The Movie
Season Record: 1-4