Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Doubleheader Disaster

Holy moly, we are terrible. Absolutely terrible. Truly truly terrible. I can't even figure out what to write here. I don't even remember the exact scores of this awful night.

Let me try.

Match 1 against Watch Your Balls was terrible. We lost both frames and we weren't even close.

Match 2 against Gowanus Iguanas was terrible. We won the first game after falling behind 4-0. Then we lost the second game 7-6. In game 3, it was short and not to sweet. But at least Sweet Touch made sure we went out in a stinking flame of glory. I wish that I had footage of it.

The situation was this:
We were down 3-0 already. They had one point. Erik decided to do something great or fail in spectacular fashion. Either outcome would be memorable. I think you know where this is going. He turned their one point into a four spot, game over. 7-0 Iguanas.

So we fell to an abysmal 2-6. We have one more shot to get to the vaunted three win level next Monday.

Our game is against the JTBP crew who as of this coming Monday were 0-7. This past week's results have still not been posted on the Floyd website so I'm not sure what their current record is. If they are 0-8, it would be wonderful to give them their only win. The only other time we played them last season, they beat us.

I hate bocce.

Just for kicks, I copied this post into a poem generator to see what I got since my words aren't enough to fully encapsulate the sorrow that it is to be Rod this week. I kind of like it.


Season Record: 2-6

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Were as Bad as Rod's Haircut

And all of a sudden, Team Rod is an ugly 2-4. Yikes.

If You Want My Bocce vs. Bourbon Balls

It was the first time we had played them since summer 2007. In previous matches, we had put together a nice 2-0 record the balls of Bourbon.

Game 1
We borrowed Cap'n Terror because Jim was running late from class and we needed a fourth. Jim showed up right before Cap'n Terror rolled but Cap'n Sweet Touch decided to go with the Terror.

It was close at first but then we turned a 3-spot to our advantage into a 1 point Bourbon Balls frame and to be honest, the night was all downhill from there.

We lost 7-2, 7-2. Yup, Rod got a beatdown.

We'll try to rebound with a big doubleheader this coming Monday.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Up Then Down

Three weeks ago, we beat the Coffee Flats Terrors for the 8th straight time.

Two weeks ago, we blew a 5-0 lead to Da Bears and lost a heartbreaker.

Monday night, we look to even our record.

Game 1
7-0 Terrors
7-4 Rod
7-4 Rod

Da Bears
7-2 Rod
7-4 Da Bears
7-5 Da Bears

Season Record