Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rod Does Some Soul Searching

There used to be a day when Rod would get invited to every secret event and hip gathering in every port from NYC to Shanghai and all points in between.

But it has recently come to his attention that there are some secret dumpster pool parties going on in Brooklyn. So secret that Rod wasn't even invited.

He gets that - maybe the organizers didn't think he'd want to attend so they simply saved him the awkwardness of having to politely demur. To be honest, swimming in a pool made out of a dumpster isn't exactly the same as doing lines from Rachel Hunter's bumhole, now is it?

But then he took a look at this picture and spied something.

That's right - a bocce court!

Everyone knows that if there is any sort of fun bocce going on anywhere in the world, Rod wants to know. He is devastated that he was not invited and now wonders if he has put out one too many Songbook collections to be considered hip enough to be invited to these kinds of events.

It is a sad day for Rod but he promises to take it out on our opponent this Saturday. Watch out Solid Gold!

Speaking of Solid Gold ...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Season x 5 Games.

Alright, whatever, Rod's over apologies. It's time to fill you in on the season so far. So what if I'm unable to keep my drinking in check? So what if I have to write this post at the studio because as soon as I get home, I can't function through the gin fog? So what if I can't be trusted around heavy machinery? Who needs heavy machinery?

So here's the deal, I post a photo of the score, tell you a quick bit about the game, move on. I've got five to get through here, give me a break.
vs. Solid Gold.

So the thing I remember about this game is that Sweet Touch knew the guy on the team. They were rookies. They were better than we expected.

Also, it was the same day as Dr. Booze's farewell party. Which was epic. But back to the game, we won.

vs. The Mo I Bocce.

These guys were also rookies. They were also better than expected. They are incredibly friendly and delightful to play against. Also, we beat them. Always nice.

Oh, and there were an insane amount of kids in the bar. Having birthday parties. In the bar. Yep.

And it was a double header. This was game one. Game two...

vs. The Lassos.

I remember that girl from Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, was in the bar during this match. People flocked to her and her small dog. How did this happen? Didn't they realize that Rod Stewart himself was in the house? How dare they?

We must have been tired because after three hours of bocce that fine Saturday, we lost to The Lassos. Another team of rookies. It was shameful.

vs. Count Boccula.

Yep. We lost to a team named Count Boccula. And they were, guess what... rookies!!!

To be fair, Sweet Touch was crushingly hungover (who does he think he is, Rod?) and Dirty Weekend's little brother Jason, a rookie of our own for once, filled in as our fourth. It didn't help. Rod folded like balsa wood under the pressure and walked home, head hung in shame. Count Boccula...

vs. The Mo I Bocce. Again.

Yes, it's been that long. I missed that many posts. We played The Mo I Bocce once again this past Saturday. Again, we beat them. Here's an artistic version of the above photo:

Sexy, right? It reminds me of myself in the 70's. I miss those days.

Also, for this game, good ole' Jim Flood joined us. And he took some snazzy photos, like the one up top. And the one below this here sentence: