Friday, September 17, 2010

Rod to Paris: "It's time to give up the drugs"

In the wake of heiress Paris Hilton's arrest for cocaine possession, Rod was recently quoted as saying that his daughter Kimberly's good friend is a "beautiful girl" and "tremendously polite".

He added: "You don't need them. We've all done it but I've never been a druggie person so I've always been against it."

Yes, this guy said that.

Since Rod was going round giving out such excessive and unwarranted compliments and being, in general, just so damned nice to basket-cases, we thought he might just hand everyone a win this season to boost their spirits.

Sorry, Brooklyn Ballers. We were wrong. So wrong.

In the words of Captain Sweet Touch:
"It looked like were going to somewhat cruise to a game one victory, and we were stunned with a three spot to lose 7-6. We came back strong to win game two 7-5, and continued on to win game three 7-4. Good start to a difficult fall season. Go get 'em Rod!"