Monday, August 30, 2010

Lamest Season Ever

Half the league seemingly couldn't get a spot on the schedule. I only played in one game all season. And then we didn't even attend the playoffs despite being on the schedule. Sweet Touch arranged it with some of the Thunder Chickens that they might play for us. I never heard if they did but I'm assuming we aren't league champions. 

The recap. 

Thunder Chickens. Despite Lauren's great work with this pic, Rod prevailed. 

We lost to Summer Ham. Gross. 

Arthur Boccerelli beat us again. 

Inglorious Bocce didn't stand a chance. 

Season record: 3-2



Bocce Said She Was 18 said...

Hello. We love that you too incorporate music with your bocce...Rod is not necessarily hip hop, but he approves of booty shaking and inappropriate gestures, and so do we. We are Bocce Said She Was 18, straight out of El Segundo and the LA Beach Bocce League.

Please watch and share with your other bocce fanatics:

Bocce Said She Was 18

Shivery McPickles said...

Our team has all but unanimously decided that your video is effing amazing.

If you're ever in Brooklyn, we should shoot up some hoes. Or whatever.